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  • Early Bird is closing today
  • Early Bird is closing today

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As we head towards the end of March, the close of early bird registration savings, and with the scientific program underway, I am excited to release some details regarding the IUCr 2023 Social program.

Australians are renowned for their socialising and we love nothing more than a good party with friends, lots of food and laughter.

For the duration of the Conference, daily morning, lunch, and afternoon tea breaks are included in your registration fee. The traditional Welcome Function will be hosted at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre amongst our valued sponsors and exhibitors. We plan to provide some Australian treats and fine beverages on this occasion.

Rounding off the social program and celebrating the near end of the Conference on Monday, 28 August, we will host the Gala dinner event “A Night at the Museum”, at the famous Melbourne Museum. This is not an event to be missed. We promise this will be something special and includes access to the Dynamic Earth Exhibit, which is befitting for a dynamic crystallography group. All social functions, plus catering and transfers, are included in your registration.

For our international guests, remember that Australia does not have any additional taxes on the quoted price; it just includes a 10% federal tax you can claim eligible expenditure back at the airport via the Tourist Refund Scheme. For accommodation, the price quoted is the final price you will pay for the room you book through the Conference Secretariat.

While you’re planning your journey, please also consider taking advantage of the destination to visit some of the local and totally unique Australian locations.

Professor Michael Parker
Chair, Local Organising Committee
IUCr 2023
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Public Lecture

We are excited to announce that Professor Jennifer Martin will be presenting at IUCr 2023 in cooperation with our STEM exhibition Crystal-A-Con on Saturday 26 August at 2pm.

Professor Jennifer Martin AC FAA is recognised internationally for her pioneering research in protein crystallography, a science that seeks to understand how biological machines operate. We are excited and delighted that Jennifer will be delivering the Public Lecture Address - How I Fell in Love with Crystallography and why you should too.

This public lecture takes a ramble through the history, philosophy and practice of crystallography across the past century, highlighting examples of the discipline’s enormous impact on biology, chemistry and physics. There may even be mention of chocolate.


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Registration for the 26th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr 2023) is open. Please read the registration information carefully before beginning the online registration form.

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While you're planning your journey to Melbourne, please also consider taking advantage of the destination to visit some of the local and totally unique Australian locations.


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Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

An important element of the Congress will be the exhibition of the latest products and services. The daily Congress program will be structured to give participants maximum opportunity to visit the exhibition. All lunches and refreshments will take place in the exhibition area.

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Contact Us

For further information or to discuss how you could become involved in the Congress as a sponsor or exhibitor, contact the IUCr 2023 Secretariat:

IUCr 2023 Congress Director
Emma Bowyer
ICMS Australasia
+61 2 9254 5000

Gender equity and diversity

The IUCr is committed to achieving gender equity and diversity (that mirrors our crystallography community) in all its endeavours and activities. A key aspect of the IUCr mission is to ensure our community fosters inclusion, ensures mutual respect, and embraces diversity. To help achieve its diversity goals, the IUCr has developed a code of conduct which applies to all its endorsed or funded activities.

For full details, on the IUCr policy please click here.