International Program Committee Members

Prof Brendan Kennedy

Co-Chair, Australia

Dr Olga Alekseeva

IUCr Representative, Russia

Dr Natalia Alvarez

Gender, Equity and Diversity Representative, Uruguay

Prof Giuliana Aquilanti

Commission on X-ray Absorption and Fine Structure, Italy

Prof Miguel A G Aranda

Synchrotron and Free Electron Lasers, Spain

Prof Max Avdeev

Commission on Magnetic Structures, Australia

Prof Geetha Balakrishnan

Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials, United Kingdom

A/Prof Laure Bourgeois

Commission on Electron Crystallography, Australia

Prof Malla Reddy Chilla

Commission on Structural Chemistry, India

A/Prof John Daniels

Commission on Diffraction Microstructure Imaging, Australia

A/Prof Louise Dawe

IUCr-2026 Representative, Canada

Dr Andrea Dessen

Commission on Biological Macromolecules, Brazil & France

Prof Graciela Diaz de Delgado

IUCr Executive Committee Representative, Venezuela

Prof Paulina Dominiak

Commission on Quantum Crystallography, Poland

Dr Kamil Filip Dziubek

Commission on High Pressure and the Committee on Data, Italy

Prof Marcia C A Fantini

Commission on X-ray Absorption and Fine Structure, Brazil

Prof Santiago Garcia-Granda

IUCr Executive Committee Representative, Spain

Dr Saulius Grazulis

Committee for CIF, Lithuania

Dr Annalisa Guerri

Commission on Crystallographic Teaching, Italy

Prof Delia Haynes

Commission on Structural Chemistry, South Africa

Prof Koen Janssens

Commission of Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage, Belgium

Prof Yaroslav Khimyak

Commission on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Crystallography and Related Methods, United Kingdom

Prof Radomir Kuzel

IUCr-2025 Representative, Czech Republic

Prof Christian Lehmann

Commission on Structural Chemistry, Germany

Prof Chris Ling

Commission on Inorganic and Mineral Structures, Australia

Prof Atushi Nakagawa

Commission on Biological Macromolecules, Japan

Prof Antonia Neels

Commission on Powder Diffraction, Switzerland

Prof Tomoji Ozeki

Commission on Structural Chemistry, Japan

Prof Shilie Pan

Commission on Crystallography of Materials

Dr Santosh Panjikar

Commission on Crystallographic Computing, Australia

Prof Vanessa Peterson

Commission on Neutron Scattering, Australia

Prof Wei Ren

Commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography, China

Prof Amy Sarjeant

IUCr-2026 Representative, USA

Prof Siegbert (Siggi) Schmid

Commission on Aperiodic Crystals, Australia

Prof Xiao-Dong

Commission on Biological Macromolecules, China

Prof Dina Tomchick

Commission on Biological Macromolecules, USA

Prof Angus Wilkinson

Commission on Powder Diffraction, USA

Dr Kathleen (Katy) Wood

Commission on Small Angle Scattering, Australia

Dr Nadia Zatsepin

Commission on Synchrotron and Free Electron Lasers, Australia

Prof Michele Zema

IUCr Outreach Representative, Italy